Breach Of Trust

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Runner Up For LRC’s Best Contemporary Romance Of 2008!
Publisher: Champagne Books
Pages: 258

When a business secret is shared, can love survive?

When You Play With The Best…

For years, Anne James has played a dangerous game, secretly manipulating venture capitalist Philippe Lamont into financing her clients. She knew there would be a price to pay for her arrogance. That price, she thought, was three months of negotiated torture as his sexy Girl Friday.

…The Stakes Are High

Anne was wrong. In Philippe’s fast paced world of start up investing, the lines between business and personal blur. One misstep, one misplaced confidence, and Anne could lose her heart, her business, and her life.



Coffee Time Romance
4 Cups - An Outstanding Great Read“Breach of Trust is story of business deals, trust, betrayal, and love. From the beginning you are pulled in by the tension and chemistry between Phillipe and Anne, and kept turning the pages as things start to heat up between these two. There is never a dull moment, and there are lots of twists and turns that keep the reader really enthused. Hot steamy love scenes only compliment this story like whipped cream on apple pie. An exceptional read.”
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SRR Grade: A
“Breach of Trust took off like a rocket ship. I thoroughly enjoyed this introduction to Ms. Chin’s writing. This book was suspenseful, passionate, and comedic. I admired Anne and her willingness to help the small business owners but also keep herself in the background. Phillipe was an alpha-male through and through but I enjoyed the interaction between he and Anne’s strong willed personalities. They were very alike and to see them go toe to toe and then to surrender to one another was a thing of beauty. Breach of Trust read like a great movie; smooth, very vivid, detailed, and one that you rush to tell your friends about.” Read More Here

“This novel was a real eye-opener for me. Since I am not interested in business and financing all that much, I did not know what constituted the job. But reading this novel, gave me a very good picture of the financing world. The characters are delightful. They are not stiff, cardboard people, but people with feelings and emotions that reader’s can relate to. Sometimes I felt that Anne was a little too giving and that Phillippe was a bit too demanding than in real life. But this is a work of fiction and those characteristics seem to fit. This was a great read and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Chin’s novels.”To read more, go here.

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