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Posted on July 7th, 2007 in Uncategorized by kimber

I love business.

I love the creativity of new product development. I love the passion of the sale. I love working with everyone from the line guy testing our new product to the financing seeking entrepreneur to the constantly pushing back executive. The mixture of personalities makes business fresh (and my novels exciting).

I could go on and on but I’m preaching to the choir, aren’t I? Because if you’re here, you love business too.

So here is my promise to you. I’ll give you a great story with business men and women who love being business men and women. And their stories will always have a happy ending. Because that’s what a romance is all about.


Why are your heroes or heroines often billionaires?Having a billion won’t even put you on the Forbes 400 listing anymore. It isn’t that rare. I write about people at the top of their game. They love business and tend to be workaholics. That love and hard work makes them the best. The best should be compensated properly.

Your characters cuss a lot. Why?Because when you put highly charged control freaks in highly charged, out of their control situations, you’re going to get some profanities. Do you really expect a CEO about to lose his company to say “gosh, darn”?

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